Enjoy Video & read BTWIII & PCGW Special written TributeS to each other Below


Everyday I’m blessed and reminded of the awesomeness of God, when I think of how we came from two different denominations as 3rd generational ministers, but God purposed us to be together for “Such A Time As This!”

After 9 & 1/2 years of being together and now 9 years married, I’m honored to be a part of “Team Weeks!”  Seeing God use you on the “I’m On My Assignment” Tour and seeing the thousands of lives empowered and hundreds of souls won to or rededicating their lives to Jesus Christ is amazing. Hearing women after every tour city telling you how your teaching, ministering and impartation saved them from suicide, freed them from depression, healed them from past hurts, broke them out of personal/religious bondage, increased their faith in the word of God, awakened the passion to pursue their God given assignment and so much more, confirms why God put us together for “Such A Time As This!”

Of course, with God blessing so many people through you and the constant praise reports that come to the ministry daily, the celebration for who God has made you can be heard through out the four corners of the earth. For the few so called family, friends and ungodly vessels, hiding under church titles, that are constantly trying to use manipulation, and other wicked spiritual means to break us up, I leave all of them with two words and one verse “NO WEAPON” Isaiah 54:17.

I’m so excited about all that is planned for today, as we celebrate and prepare for the next 9 great years and the many, many more, awesome years that are to come for “Such A Time As This!”

Honey, my LOVE for you is endless, my appreciation of you is priceless, and my thankfulness to God for you in my life is capless. [I think I just made up a word! lol] However, it explains how I truly feel about you!!!

With All My LOVE,

Your Forever Husband



Happy Anniversary to my wonderful and genius husband! Today, we celebrate our love, commitment, ministry assignment as Team Weeks, friendship, and so much more.

As I reflect on this being our 9th year of marriage, it makes me think of all the awesome things the Lord has allowed us to birth together. 9 is the birthing month. We have birthed so many powerful and life changing ministry assignments together, that have changed, healed and set free so many people around the world, by what God has allowed us to come together to do as ministry partners for Christ.
Although, we don’t have any physical children that we have we birthed together, God has shown his favor on our life, love and ministry. There are so many powerful and phenomenal gifts from God that we have birthed. We have a blessed legacy to leave for generations to come.

Today, I thank you for making our team be the best Team I know and that is Team Weeks. We always have each other’s back and won’t let anyone disrespect our love and union.

9 years have pasted by very quickly. I am looking forward to many more years of growing, building and loving together. Thank you for being my TRUE love and best friend!

Some people come in your life for a season and some come for a reason. While others may not be around anymore because they were only for a season, you have shown yourself to be in my life for a purposeful reason. I love you!

Your Loving Wife Always,