For BTWIII 52nd Birthday 6/10/19

Happy Birthday To The Love of My Life, my Wonderful and Awesome King!

I am so excited and blessed to be able to share your birthday with you.  It’s been 10 years celebrating your life and I am glad to be able to celebrate you, yet another year, and many many many more years to come.

You are a phenomenal husband, loving best friend, excellent ministry partner, prolific teacher, preacher, Pastor and a gifted extraordinary person when it comes to all things, ministry/church, entrepreneurship and so much more.

Today, I celebrate Mr. Next Level Living himself!  You started that mantra many years ago and people are still using that today as you have impacted the world by your anointed ministry.  You were a man who was before his time in ministry and though many may try to duplicate the pattern you showed for many leaders years ago, they will not have the same grace nor the anointing to duplicate what you did years ago. 

They are merely copy cats who refuse to give credit where it belongs, but To God Be All The Glory! 

You are an awesome visionary, outstanding pastor, forward thinker, and again so much more!

I appreciate who you are to me, our family, our church and to the body of Christ.  You are a treasured gift to the body of Christ.  So today and everyday, I celebrate the man God Has created you to be and the amazing man you have become.

When God created you he put his most valued treasures in you and for that I know you are beyond special and again a true gift to the body of Christ!

Today, let’s celebrate like we always do as Team Weeks!  I love you and appreciate you so very much.  Happy Birthday King Weeks!

Love your wife,